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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters (BML)
This diet plan is designed to include : the BML mix below, fruits, veggies, and insects each night.
Do Not feed this diet plan with another diet plan

1/2 cup Honey, do not use honeycomb, raw unfiltered honey. Most store-bought Honey is the one to use unless it uses one of the three words above.
1 egg (boiled or scrambled
1/4 cup Apple Juice
Blend well, turn off blender and add the next group of ingredients.
1 (4oz) bottle premixed Gerber juice with yogurt (mixed fruit or banana)
Chopper. If you still can't find it you may substitute 2 oz plain yogurt and 2 oz of mixed fruit juice.
1 Teaspoon of Rep-Cal Herptivite vitamin supplement. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE this supplement. You can purchase it at the pet store or have them order it for you.
Blend well again, turn off blender, and add next group of ingredients.
2 teaspoons Rep-Cal Calcium Supplement non-phosphorus with Vitamin D3 in it. I also buy this at the pet store.
2 (2 1/2 oz) jar of stage 1 or 2 Heinz, Gerber, or Beechnut chicken baby food. You can use either the chicken with gravy or the chicken with chicken
1/4 cup Wheat Germ.
1/2 cup dry baby cereal. Heinz or Gerber, rice or oatmeal, with or without fruit.
Blend well. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze, when frozen store in a ziplock bag to prevent freezer burn. It should be the consistency of ice cream.
There are several ways to feed the BLM plan. The one thing that is consistent, is that, it is designed to be fed with fruits, veggies and insects

The rule of thumb per glider is.
1 Tablespoon of the BML basic mix
1 Tablespoon of fruits
1 Tablespoon of veggies
Super worms /meal worms
If they ate it all the first night add a little more the next night until they leave only a little bit.
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