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 Glider Emergengy Medical Kit

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PostSubject: Glider Emergengy Medical Kit   Glider Emergengy Medical Kit Icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 9:01 pm

Glider Emergency Medical Kit

Sanitary Supplies:
- Hand sanitizer/Germ-X
- Alcohol wipes (wound/hand cleaning)
- Rubber Gloves
- Mini roll of Paper towels

Wound Care:
- Single use regular Neosporin packs (for non-emergency/small wounds)
- Tri-tops antibiotic ointment (vet prescribed)
- Iodine swab sticks (wound sterilization)
- Baby Anbesol (pain relief)
- Lactated Ringers Solution (sterile saline flushes work also)
- 22 & 25 gauge needles (small needle if giving infrequent small sub-Q doses, large needle for opposite)
- 3cc & 10cc sterile syringes (for sub-Q)
- Bottle of 0.9 Sterile Saline (for flushing wounds, this is not the same as the sub-Q fluid sterile flushes)
- Sterile gauze pads (for wound cover/to clean wounds)
- Q-tips (to clean wounds/apply meds)
- Small adhesive tape (for splint)
- Vet wrap (split/wound cover)
- Toothpicks (splint)
- Large Soda Straws (protects tail from SM)

- 1cc oral syringes (for meds)
- 3cc oral syringes (for feeding/meds/mixing)
- Gliderade (if pushing fluids)
- Pedialyte single and/or Pedialyte Pop (if pushing fluids)
- Baby Apple Juice (if pushing fluids)
- #5 French Catheter (force feeding)
- Chicken baby food (force feed or emergency loss of food supply or emergency evac)
- Mixed Veggies baby food (see above)
- 2 oz ceramic dish (mixing meds/feeding)
- Ensure (to mix meds with, if needed)
- Small box of Raisins (stuck in car with hungry glider)
- Honey

E-collars: prepared and labeled with name in advance
- Shot glass e-collars (for tail/cloaca/back-end SM
- Satellite e-collars (for fluffy gliders, or for non- tail/cloaca SM)
- Strong tape (to secure e-collars)
- Tube/trough bird feeders (feeding a glider in an e-collar)
- Hammock (glider in e-collar often cannot use reg. Pouch)
- Fleece blankets (for burrowing under while in hammock)
- Clothespins/split rings/lanyard hooks (to hang hammock)
- Mole foam & mole skin (for alterations and padding to e-collar)

Evacuation/Travel Needs:
- Emergency candle w/ matches (provides heat and light if no electricity)
- Bottle of water (emergency evac or similar)
- Large fleece blankets sealed in Ziploc bags (for handling in emergency and/or to burrito a glider)
- Emergency Contacts Card (Vet, backup vet, emergency all night vet, animal poison line)
- Medical File (with medical records and weekly charts)
- Ink pen/pencil
- Cages (small rept for transport or hospital cage) always set up, actually.
- Zip bonding pouches, one for each cage (for quick transport)
- 4 oz water bottle (we all have to have something to drink out of!)
- Flashlight
- Feeding dishes (separation/evac needs)

- Emergency Credit card (very near by and easily accessible)
- Styptic powder or silver nitrate stick (for toe nails trimmed too short)
- Tweezers
- Digital scale (good to know weight every week for medical file)
- Small scissors (in case I need to help with a quick escape and to cut loose threads as I see them)
- Side edge cut clippers (for trimming nails)
- KY jelly, plain (in case of boy trouble)
- Non-alcohol wipes (like baby wipes)
- Hand Warmers and large disposable Heat pack
- Human heating pad w/thermostat
- Emergency kit Resupply Checklist

Glucose/calcium for oral use, calcium glubionate and oral glucose

Pain killer such as Torbuterol or Buprenex-either will last a year stored in the fridge-for emergency use in case of injury until a vet can be seen. Refrigeration depends on if it's mixed with a base-if injectable form, refrigeration usually isn't necessary.

Baytril (and some other antibiotics such as Clavamox, Amoxicillin) will last 6 months frozen in syringes-and does well as a topical also.

SSD, or Silver Sulfazodine Cream Topical for wounds/burns-helps skin heal quicker.

Remember not to give Ensure to a dehydrated glider.

For evacuation/travel, small Reptariums would be ideal as a temporary cage setup-lightweight and break down/put up easily (can carry in a duffel bag), or a large soft side carrier (such as Sherpa) that can double-if evac lasts days, they'll need something other than a pouch.

Keep a variety of baby food fruits/veggies in jars, and dried fruits (apple, nectarine, peaches, papaya, cantaloupe)/veggie(Smith's/Kroger has a freeze dried Corn, called Comforts-great as a healthier snack than yogurt drops, and for an emergency kit-first dried veggie I've seen), also some Canned fruit/veggies-low or no salt.

Popsicle sticks rather than toothpicks (which could break or splinter) as a splint

Hand towel to put between glider and ice/heat packs, or meds and ice pack.

Iodine can also be dabbed on the end of a quicked nail to prevent infection.

Along with medical file, pen/pencil add a small notebook for notes/records.
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Glider Emergengy Medical Kit
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